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Bundle Up........ But Make It Fashion!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Hey Dolls,

Fall is here and we've officially passed #PSL and #pumpkinpatch cuteness and have entered into 50 degree torture. That means it's time to bundle up. But we're not in 5th grade anymore. None of mom's bulky coats or dad's long john's. We can bundle up.... but make it fashion! Let's spill the tea on all the warm things.


Cardigans are a chilly weather staple. They're fun, light and very fashionable. The options and cuts are endless. Cardigans are also a really good choice for layering. You can serve sexy granny vibes (shout out Baddie Winkle) or some contemporary cardigan realness.

Cropped Sweaters

Cropped sweaters are trendy and cool. There are 3 popular options: crew neck, turtle neck, and hooded. Cropped sweaters won't last long in the chilly months, but until then you'll be serving a sexy slay. They're the sexist of the sweater options.

Hoodies and Crew Neck Sweaters

Hoodies and crew neck sweaters are the epitome of streetwear. They're hip, urban and comfy as hell. They're offered as dresses too. Hoodies literally serve all the vibes. An added perk is that you can share with bae.

Trench Coats

There's nothing more boss than a trench coat. These are a more formal choice but can be dialed back by adding a hoodie, tank or tee. They're a little heavier, so they will transition well from Fall to Winter.

Puffer Jackets

There's nothing more bad ass than a puffer jacket. These edgy little things are so much fun. A cropped puffer gives a young chill vibe while a classic cut can be a bit more transitional.

Trendy Pieces

The trendy pieces are pretty expansive. But a few that have caught my eye are the puffer sleeping bag coat and the peplum sweater. They're polar opposites, one's edgy and cool while the other is more pristine and classic. But they both serve the same purpose, keeping us warm and stylish.

Being a lover of summer, winter has minimal perks bundling is a major one. We want to know Dolls, what's your go to for bundling up? Do you prefer cooler temps to warmer ones? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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