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Culture Vulture or Appreciator?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hey Dolls,

In such diverse times with exceedingly increasing accessibility we are being exposed to new and exciting trends and traditions to add to our fashion and beauty arsenal. Everything from cornrows to hijabs have gone viral. While it may be enticing to tackle the latest trend we want to be mindful not to appropriate each others cultures and sacred traditions in an offensive way. Today we'll dish about all the controversial things!


When it comes to hair everything is scrutinized from actual hair styles to hair/head coverings and jewelry. Fashion and style lovers have been "cancelled" and accused of appropriation for things as small as hair color choice to more major things like wearing a hijab for fashion. Some critics believe that giving credit to the culture that inspired the look will suffice. While others believe that there's no reason to sample cultures different from your own for fashion. Then there are devout fashion lovers that argue that borrowing culture for style is homage from the "fashion world".

Facial and Body Features

Another area of great contention is face/body features and complexion. Beauty routines like tanning, lip lining or over-lining and nose contouring have been debated as a form of appropriation. More dramatic physical appearance alterations such a rhinoplasty, skin bleaching, breast enlargement or reduction and butt enhancements have also been scrutinized. Proponents feel that people of all cultures can be born with all different kinds of features and that choosing the shape of your nose or complexion of your skin can't be appropriation while opponents believe that unnaturally obtaining a feature prominent in another culture is disrespectful.


Oh the joy of Halloween. One of the few opportunities to get out the box and glam it up. It's the perfect combination of camp, glam, sexy and whacky. Halloween is one of our fave holidays here at The Dollhouse. Although this day is about being someone other than yourself we've seen countless Dolls get "cancelled" for major appropriation faux paus. Let's just get this out the way "black face" is NOT okay. Now that that's done let's talk about what the masses say are costume do's and don'ts.

  • An ethnic background is not a costume

  • We shouldn't wear religious garments as part of our costume

The widely accepted truths are easy to accept but cancel culture has added many other things that are deemed inappropriate like characters that aren't your own race and figures in genres outside of your everyday genre.

Being a lover of fashion and culture I can understand the allure of another groups outfit, hair and make-up choices. I also don't believe every offense is laced with intent. We have the responsibility to learn from each others missteps and leave the doors to communication open. We also can't be hyper sensitive. What I want to know Dolls, is there cultural appropriation truly a thing? What's your definition of appropriation versus appreciation? Can appreciation only happen from a far or can it be participatory? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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