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Fall Fashion Fabrics: Latex

Hey Dolls!

Fall is here and it's time to update our wardrobes. We've already discussed the basics of the season. Now we can get into the trends. The biggest trend this year is LATEX and we're OBSESSED! No longer relegated to the dark alleys of the Red Light District or bright lights of the Las Vegas strip latex is making its way into the hearts and closets of every woman. So, whether you're a girl with pearls or already living on the edge we will show you how to add this sexy fabric to your wardrobe. Grab you baby oil and powder it's about to get Latex-y!

First up, wet latex! This is for the fearless. Wet latex looks present in two ways über sexy or intense and v edgy. If you have commitment issues this look is not for you. It's a marriage baby dolls, FULL ON COMMITMENT! This look is best executed with head-to-toe latex. There's no need to fabric mix and match. So, think little wet latex dresses, latex trench jackets paired with barely there shoes. Things are gonna get SPICY!

Next up is pops of latex. This is where your latex gloves and thigh high boots will serve you well. It's also the time to mix latex with some of your fave fabrics. Satin & latex and lace and latex are a sweet and sassy go-to while cotton and latex is a more emerging trend. Satin and latex is perfect for when you're looking for a romantic but sexy vibe. Lace and latex is all sex vibes. Cotton and latex is more of a casual vibe.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST is luxury latex. This is our absolute fave. In this realm we have gowns made of latex and some of the most classic silhouettes being showcased in latex. Opposites have attracted and it's a match made in heaven. To execute this look the rules are to keep it conservative and let latex be the provocateur.

We're more than happy to move our latex from the lingerie section to the daily wear section of our closets! We have to know, how do you feel about latex as this seasons fashion front runner? Join the conversation below.

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Love it...thanks for the amazing tips

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