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Is this too Matchy-Matchy?

Hey Dolls,

The tides are turning and gone are the days where it's a faux pas to wear all one color or a completely matching set. It seems like there is no such thing as too matchy-matchy or too much of one color or pattern. The popularity of sweatsuits first reintroduced this 70's mono-color trend, but it's quickly popping up in other garments. We're seeing some of our faves embracing mono-colors and prints. Let's take a look.

Billie Eilish

Whether it's head-to-toe Gucci prints or her signature neon green, Billie Eilish is the queen of this trend. Billie has her own personal style and conquers this trend her way. I mean, is there a cooler way to rock this trend?


Next up, Beyonce, never one to follow a trend. She even has been seen rocking one color or print. Beyonce is giving us full on boss vibes in her mono-colors and prints.

Taylor Swift

Not only is Taylor Swift writing her own songs, she is writing the rules on how to slay the mono trend. Taylor takes a more subtle and safe approach. The Queen of Pop embraces it on and off the stage.


We all know it's not really a trend until we get Rih's stamp of approval. Rihanna is fashion and she slayed these mono-color and mono-print looks as only she could. We think it's fair to say, this trend is not going anywhere soon.

Gone are the days where we have to ask ourselves is this to matchy-matchy? At least for the moment. There's no need to introduce neutral tones to break up a singe color or balance a look. We know embracing a new trend can be intimidating. But this one has proven to work whether you're a rocker or r&b singer. It works from the boardroom to the bedroom. What do you Dolls think about this trend? Is it too much? Here at the Dollhouse we're all about it. Not only because the ease of styling. We love it because it you can always break the sets apart and wear them individually. Matching sets make getting dressed nearly thoughtless but the end result is anything but thoughtless. We've added a gallery of fashionable but practical looks to try. All items available at

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