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Hey Dolls,

We all love a good legging moment. They're super simple and very comfortable. But as they've grown in popularity many questions have arose. Like, can we tuck our stomachs in them? Can our butts be too big? Can our butts be too small? We're going to discuss all things leggings and answer all the questions.


The most important thing to consider with leggings is fit. This will determine if your look slays or sucks! There are a few things you want to consider; smoothing, contour and cut.

  • Smoothing- try to find leggings that are made of thicker fabrics. This will create a smoothing effect.

  • Contour-leggings with compression help to contour and illuminate your best features.

  • Cut- the days are gone that we could only find a super low cut leggings that snuggled our muffin tops just so. Now there are high-waist, mid-rise and so much more.


We've come a very long way from the black poly-blend leggings of the past. Now they come in every color and fabric under the sun. There's buttons, zippers, laces and clasps. We have the ability to serve all the vibes IN LEGGINGS! Who would have thought? Leggings can now go from roadway to runway.

Whether you're working out or werking it, there's a legging for it. They key to the perfect legging slay is FIT! Make sure it's flattering. We want to know Dolls, did you think leggings work for everywhere? What's your favorite style? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Leggings are Life for me! And I totally think legging are for everybody. Like you say, just commit to the outfit once you choose it. Wear whatever makes you feel your best 💕👏✨

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