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New Year, New Wardrobe: 2024 Fashion Trends

Hey Dolls,

It's a new year and its tradition to make a few New Years resolutions. This year we vow to elevate our style per usual and to try new trends. You guys already know we swear by MAXIMIZING YOUR WARDROBE! So, trend isn't normally our vibe. They change very rapidly and the recycle could take several years. How are those chokers holding up ladies (lol)? But in all seriousness, we're going to look at what's trending for 2024. There is a way to follow trend but not indulge in fleeting trend fancies.

Micro Mini's

As a 5'3 queen, a micro mini is a dream come true for me! This trend is actually flattering on all heights. Whether you have legs for days or need a little help with extension a mini skirt is perfect! In 2023 the mini skirt vibe was more Y2K, in 2024 it'll be more mod. So, more Marsha Brady and less Christina Milian. You don't have to toss your ultra-low rise skirts but add a thicker belt if you want to embrace this trend. It's not just specific to skirts though. Feel free to grab a mini dress just remember mod, mod, mod. That means bright colors, bell-shapes and mini mini. Embrace your inner Twiggy!.

Business Sensual

Calling all millennials, business casual in the club is BACK! Well, kinda! A version of it is here and the girlies are calling it business sensual. Designers are creating the sexiest silhouettes with the most profesh' items. Oxford shirts, pencil pants and skirts, blouses and blazers are getting a super sexy spin! Bonus points if you can add a little y2k prep to the look. We will take a tight lace blazer please!


Who doesn't love a fringe moment? So fun and so much movement. Just makes us want to shake a tail feather. Fringe is back baby. A quick note: go for thin fringe. We're thinking Top Ramen not rigatoni. Designers are obsessed with the movement and you will definitely turn heads. Fringe is everywhere, from the beach to the red carpet.


Shine from the inside out or the outside in or however the saying goes! Either way metallics are BACK for 2024. For the first time in a decade neon is not trending. It has been replaced with metallics. Frosty metallics are all the craze on every runway. Metallic bikini's are trending and actual metals are being integrated. And we're here for it. The shinier the better. P.S. : frosty blue shadow is slowly creeping its way back into our vanity's and hearts. P.S.S.: Metallics are not meant for a monochrome moment unless you're on the beach. Opposites attract so think something soft as a pairing like silk, satin or lace.

All of these trends are very high on the list for year 2024 and are easy ways to be on trend without buying items that won't age well. We're very into everything that's trending for 2024. We have to know Dolls, how do you feel? What trend are you most excited to try? Join the conversation below or on Instagram/Tiktok @porscheporshia. Click the pic to shop the looks! Continue the conversation on or vlog page 2024 Women’s Fashion Trend Report (

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