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Sweetest Day: The Covid-19 Edition

Hey Dolls,

As a northeastern Doll a very special day is nearing, it's Sweetest Day! It's complicated enough trying to figure out if it's a celebration of love, candy, the male in the relationship or not a celebration at all. This year we have an added complication, Covid-19. Honestly, any reason to celebrate is a good enough reason for us. With all the restrictions and limitations let's chat about fashion and celebratory modifications to still make this day special.

Chill Vibes

If you and bae want to keep it casual there are a few ways to create a night. Some cool ideas are:

  • Netflix and Chill

  • Picnic in the backyard

  • A night of Tiktok challenges

The perks of a chill night in the house are full-glam is optional. You and your sweetie can cozy up and have a night of fun and flirtation.

Date Night

If you and your date want to have a night on the town options are slim due to pandemic restrictions. While dancing the night away in a club isn't an option, we have several others.

  • Dinner at a romantic restaurant

  • Bowling

  • Take a new class

Outfit Vibe: Your look should be sexy and flirty.

A Night of Romance

Cuddling up with bae is always a good idea. Whether you prefer sexy or sassy do not skimp on the romance.

  • Have a spa night

  • Play some sexy board games

  • Recreate your first date at home

Outfit vibe: Really turn up the heat. Accentuate the curves and play up the sexy!

Girls Night

Sweetest Day is not all about romance. A night with the girls is always a blast. Nothing beats talking, laughing and just keke'ing with the ladies. A few ways to make the night a bit more festive are:

  • Make it a wine tasting

  • Have a game night

  • Have a chef teach you some new recipes

Outfit vibe: This look should be fun, casual and comfortable.

Real of fake we love a celebration. Whether it's with family, friends or a lover have a good time. Any occasion to dress up or down is an occasion for us. We want to know Dolls, do you celebrate Sweetest Day? Who are you spending it with? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
09. Okt. 2020

@Abucaba Sky !! We both agree 😁

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
09. Okt. 2020


Gefällt mir
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