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Trend Alert: Mob Wife Aesthetic

Hey Dolls,

It's very rare that a trend comes flying in out of nowhere and takes OVER. But it's only right that the mob wife aesthetic comes in with a hostile takeover. So, gather your coins girlies and get ready to pay the bookie because this look is all about luxury. I mean Tony ain't out here risking it all for his wife to pull a fugazy mob wife look. Let's dive into this edgy aesthetic.

leopard print dress dolce gabana purse black lace gloves
Mob Wife Aesthic


First up, fur cause duh. We all know that a decadent fur is an essential part of the vibe. Not a shawl, not a collar, we're talking FULL ON FUR! Do not skimp. Whether is faux or real make sure it's soft, full and high quality. No splotches, no thinning and absolutely not rough. The fur is the epitome of the esthetic tough but soft.


Next up is gold. Say see you in a bit to your silver, diamonds and even rose gold. The vibe is traditional and classic yellow gold but with a chunky gaudy tinge. But not the Cuban link vibe. Think more Carmela Soprano and less LL Cool J in the 80's. The gold vibe is essential to all of your accessories so keep it consistent with earrings, necklace and bracelets. The assignment is refined and timeless. So, hit them with the Midas touch baby doll!

Red Lips

Clean girl sparkly gloss has to take a backseat to fire red lips for this unruly trend. If the thought of bright red lips makes you nervous rest assured that this can range from tomato red to deep cherry rouge. Just stay in the red family and no pink! We're giving edgy luxe remember. Side note: The 2024 rendition of the mob wife aesthetic has integrated the 80's tan lip. Just remember luxurious Donatella in the 80's tan not 2000's concealer as lipstick tan. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

Animal Print

The animal vibes run deep in this little trend. So, under your fur should be a sexy little cheetah, leopard or tiger striped number. Animal print is a key element. But settle! A cute little corset or slinky wrap dress. But puh-lease no head-to-toe spots, stripes or scales. That's more jersey shore and that's a trend for a different time.

Drita and Big Ang has a warm special place in my heart and now that their style has gone mainstream I couldn't be happier. We have to know Dolls, are you here for a mob wife moment or are you keeping it clean and classic? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia. Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel we keep the fashion vibes going.

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