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We liked that? Really!?

Hey Dolls,

Trends are fun for so many reasons. They connect us all but, can be personalized for individuality. You know we love a good trend that spreads like wildfire, but some trends are better left where they came from like the MULLET! So, what do you call a trend that sweeps the nation but has no real longevity and leaves you with a barrage of embarrassing photos or videos? A ONE-HIT WONDER! The good thing about one-hit wonders is the embarrassment is eventually replaced with great memories making it more bearable. One-hit wonders can be ear-worm songs or far-reaching fashion and style trends. Let's take a look.



While there are many one-hit trends we'd love to forget, our top 5 here at The Dollhouse are:

  1. Men with frosted tips (WHY?!?)

  2. Small puppies as accessories (We should have known better.)

  3. Thongs hanging out of our pants and skirts (We'll blame this one on Sisqo)

  4. Timberland styled Monolo Blahniks

  5. Super Mega over-sized tee shirts

We don't know what it is, but from time to time we decided to latch onto some crazy trend. Whether it's a catchy song or the way we decide to style our hair, we just can't resist the urge to participate and it ends as quickly as it began. With the influence of social media, we cycle through trends at a phenomenal pace. What are some of your favorite one-hit trends? Do you think Lil-Nas X will give us another hit? Has social media changed the life span of hits in such a way that longevity is a thing of the past? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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